Division a collection of science fiction fairytales short stories

Division – A Collection of Science Fiction Fairytales

A man awakens as a kamikaze soldier in the new War on Disease. A schoolgirl tries to escape her demons through virtual reality. A spaceship engineer mourns the loss of her daughter.

Plunge into the cybernetic woods with DIVISION in seven searing new fairytales for the digital generation, brought to life by Hawke’s haunting style.

“If you like sci fi or dystopian work, you will enjoy DIVISION. All the stories have characters that you can sympathize with, and situations that will ring true. Excellent job by Lee S. Hawke on this collection, and I’d love to see more.” ~ MICHAEL NAIL AT GIMMETHATBOOK.COM

“Lee S. Hawke simultaneously treads the literary paths of The Brothers Grimm and Bradbury to create seven new fairytales for the digital generation.” ~ CAREY R, AMAZON REVIEWER


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